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» » » » Kougloff anti Sticker embossed background with diameter 21 cm

Kougloff anti Sticker embossed background with diameter 21 cm

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Kougloff anti Sticker embossed background with diameter 21 cm Quality: non-stick mold with dual layer coating professional.

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anti Sticker

- flat bottom

- Grosse coast

    The qualities of this coating are:

* Excellent anti-adhérence.le dual-layer allows a much more efficient than a single-layer anti-adhesion and ensures a perfect mold.
* Very good resistance to abrasion. Bi-layer system can load the top layer of mica and makes it less fragile.
* Durable coating. The bilayer system lets a greater thickness of the coating and assures a acrue longevity.


- Tips Maintenance Services :

* Wash the mussels with a liquid dish without using an abrasive sponge and dry well.
* Do not cut inside with a sharp object
* Do not put in a water bath.


- Cooking Tips :

* Do not put it on the direct flame.
* Cook a maximun temperature of 250 ° C


GOBEL manufactures baking pans for over five generations. This past, this longevity is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience.
This experience has allowed GOBEL to provide constant satisfaction to its customers, from 1887 to today.
In France, as in North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Scandinavia, Australia, across Europe ... GOBEL is widely recognized as a benchmark.
Quality products, but also quality of services GOBEL is equally attentive to market trends and needs of its customers. Everything is implemented to minimize the delivery time and provide the best services.
In all areas, the highest quality is a tradition ... GOBEL.
Our products are distributed through a network of professional and specialty shops.


Because professionals are entitled to expect perfection, Gobel makes their service all its experience and know-how. Since 1887, GOBEL is a real benchmark for baking pans.
If in this sector, the rules of art is paramount, GOBEL has also adapt to the challenges of modernism and equip the most advanced and the most advanced automation machines. This happy marriage of technology and tradition allows GOBEL to present a wide range of high quality products, tailored to the needs of the most demanding professionals.
At the request of its customers, GOBEL produces special products (custom products), as well as packages tailored to their requirements.


Gobel, a history of 125 years!

at the end of the 19th century , such as architects, build pastry cakes that take on the appearance of Bavarian castles . In 1887, for them , Alsatian Stephen Gobel , considers it appropriate to create Paris , rue du Faubourg du Temple, a manufacturing company of cake molds copper and tin .
Quickly became one of the first French manufacturers in its field , the company , to expand, moving in Touraine in 1919. It offers in the late 30s , more than 2,000 items for the food industry, professional craftsmen catering and household . At this time, the famous " butter biscuits " cook exclusively on Gobel plates.
In the 40s , the company gained a foothold in foreign markets , particularly in Belgium and Morocco, and later in England and the United States, which recognize France 's expertise in the culinary arts .
In the early 21st century, when the pastry architecture is refined and chastened , Gobel is still over five generations , the benchmark molds upscale pastry . It enjoys an international reputation , exporting its products 100% French in over 40 countries and markets a range to satisfy all the requirements of world gastronomy mussels.
With a unique expertise in the manufacture of molds , Gobel imagine innovative products with original shapes and constantly investing in new technologies that surround all stages of production.
And each taster is the final recipient of a long tradition and the ceaseless activity of his fellows. Every bite therefore deserves to be savored consciously and lovingly , indirect Mr. Gobel honor would be proud of your choice of molds that still bear his name , a guarantee of quality and durability , from the know-how and passion for the job that from the outset , the animated and his successors continue to develop in the " beautiful country of France ."

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